Clear Face Shield

Clear face shield protects your eyes and whole face from particles, dust, chemical & liquid splash, heat, electric arch flash, and any unwanted environmental foreign particles impact. With strong protection performance and impact resistance these shields are used across industry and personal use by the public.

Our products are designed and manufactured with the utmost care and offer soft inner cushioning which ensures that the face shield is extremely comfortable to wear. At Facemaski our range of face shields are extremely clear and offer a great vision to the operator with added anti-fog properties to further improve visibility.

Taking suitable steps to ensure the safety of visitors and reducing risk to the workforce are becoming key requirements across the world. Understanding this, we offer a full range of clear face shields which has all the essential protection mechanism to keep everyone on your site safe. Our face shields are an ideal safety instrument for workers operating in chemical, mechanical, industrial, laboratory and kitchens to protect them from hazards. To bring in confidence to your workforce and to ensure safety at all times, give your employees with personal protective equipment like face shields, we assure guaranteed performance.

Following are the key features of our clear face shield

  • 100% transparent and made with high clear material with anti-fog clearance at both sides making it useful in varied applications.
  • Extremely lightweight but yet strong and durable.
  • Inner adjustment system which is easy to tight and loose.
  • Comfortable, easy to wear and user-friendly as it lifts off face when required.
  • Complaint to all government regulations and sustainability standards.
  • Cost-effective face protection

Looking for an effective safety solution to safeguard mouth, eyes, and nose from thermal, mechanical, viral and chemical hazards. Get in touch with us, we have plenty of designs, options, and sizes for male, female and kids.