Using a face mask with filters is certainly an effective way to protect yourself from small dusts, pollutants and tiny viral particles from entering your nose or mouth. With breathing a critical part of living, inhaling contaminated air will be life-threatening. Our face mask filter is strong and guarantees capturing of minute droplets of a virus, bacteria and allergens which are the route cause for sickness and diseases like Coronavirus.

Further, wearing a face mask at sensitive areas will prevent us from deadly particles entering our lungs. To serve our customer with care, we offer both surgical masks and medical masks at attractive prices.

Face mask benefits

All our masks can be used for universal purpose covering – hospital, dental, laboratory, industry, office and personal use. Here are few great advantages of using FaceMaski products:

  • The surgical and medical mask helps filter out dust, bacteria, smoke & fluids.
  • Used properly and with care our N95 respirator can help in preventing influenza, measles, chickenpox, smallpox, cryptococcosis, tuberculosis, corona and more.
  • While working in the open environment, the face masks play a crucial role in filtering out allergens and airborne diseases.
  • Soft, comfortable and easy to put, the products are carefully designed for all purpose of the face mask for sick people.
  • Comfortable fit for working people, the face mask earloop are designed perfectly with elasticity to ensure no disturbance and tight holding.
  • Useful in all weather conditions across the year and ensures safety from smog, fog, smells, dust, bacteria, germs, air pollutions and vehicle exhaust.
  • Water-repellent material offers high air permeability and filters upto 99% of the germs.

Both our surgical mask and medical face masks are disposable. To safely discard, you can just place them in a disposal bag and put it in the trash. We endorse our clients to replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is wet and recommend not to re-use single-use masks.

Hygiene and safety are a critical part of our business and all the fabric and raw materials used to make the mask is sourced from sustainable sources. We supply face mask wholesale to all regions within China and across the globe with proper packaging to ensure no damage on transit.  Further, we are one of the finest face mask manufacturers in China and our Face mask fabric is tested for filtration efficiency, fluid resistance, biocompatibility and flammability. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our customers, all our products are Soft, Odourless & Non-Irritating ensuring supreme comport.